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Used Flat Files, Roll Files & Plan Racks
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Used Flat Files, Roll Files & Plan Racks

Used and pre-rented 5 drawer flat files, roll files and vertical plan racks. Featuring Mayline, Hamilton, Safco and Plan Hold drawing files. Click on the photo to view a larger image. Items are sold "as is" and customer pays for all shipping and handling charges.

Used Flat Files, Roll Files & Plan Racks

Name Photo Description Item No.
10 DRAWER FLAT FILES TWO - Used Hamilton 10 drawer metal flat files. Each drawer holds up to a standard 24" x 36" drawing or art work. Great for separating many projects. List price new...$7726.00. HOPPERS USED SPECIAL...$1500 + Freight if needed. Call 800-762-7717 and ask for Ray.UFF10
USED BINDER CLAMPS Quality used Plan Hold Binder Clamps. Works with any Plan Hold or Safco brand vertical plan rack. Available in 24" -42". HOPPERS USED SPECIAL...$10.00 - $12.00 each depending on size. Call 909-987-1724 and ask for Ray for more details.UBC
Used 10 Drawer Flat File w/Filing Drawer This classic used flat file by Hamilton holds both drawings up to 24" x 36" and also letter size files. Must by complete set. Only $750 for both pieces + freight. Call Ray at 909-987-1724 for more information and to order this item.U10FFD
Used 24" x 36" Metal Flat Files Nice 5 drawer metal flat files that hold up to 24" x 36" drawings. Files are in excellent condition. Shown at both our Rancho Cucamonga and Los Angeles stores. HOPPERS PRICE..$325.00 each + freight. Call 800-762-7717 or 323-254-7362 for more information and to order this item.U2436FFW
Used D-Size Flat File w/Base A 5 drawer metal flat file that holds up to 24" x 36" drawings. 6" base included. HOPPERS USED PRICE....$395.00 + freight if needed. Item is at our Los Angeles store...call Van @ 323-254-7362 for more info on this item.U2436FFB
Used Mayline D Size Flat File EXCELLENT CONDITION...used Mayline brand 5 drawer metal flat file. Holds up to 24" x 36" drawings. Sell new for $862.00. HOPPERS SPECIAL...$450 + freight if needed. Shown at our Los Angeles Store. Call 323-254-7362 and ask for Van.UMA2436FF
Used Mayline Oak Flat Files On consignment, these Mayline Oak Flat Files are in EXCELLENT condition. Each 5 drawer unit will hold up to 30" x 42" drawings. Price each is $795 for the file and $95 for the base + freight if needed. Call 323-254-7362 for more information ask for Van. SOLD, Call to get on our waiting list for similar item.UOFF3042
$795 Ea.
Used Metal Plan Storage Cabinets Used Plan Hold plan storage cabinets. EXCELLENT CONDITION 36" openings. 2 1/4" square x 15 1/4" x 50" d. List Price new is $607.00. HOPPERS PRICE USED...ONLY $75.00 EACH! Order three and get the base for free.
Used Mobile Taboret Used Alvin Mobile Taboret. Perfect for storing art supplies and drawings. List Price New...$435.00 Hoppers Price Used only $95 Ea. + Freight. Call 323-254-7362 and ask for Van to order this item.UMT
Used Oak Flat Files Used Mayline Oak Flat Files. Cabinets hold up to 24" x 36" drawings. Excellent condition. Price includes 2 - 5 drawer files, cap and base. New list price is $5660.00. HOPPERS USED PRICE....$1500 + freight if needed. SOLD, call to get on waiting list. 323-254-7362. Ask for Vanuo2436
Used Rolling Plan Rack A used Plan Hold mobile vertical file. File is in excellent condition and sold with our without binder plan clamps. Hold up to 12 binder clamps. Clamps shown are 24" wide and are only $10 each when sold with mobile stand. New stand sells for $595....HOPPERS USED PRICE...$375 + freight if needed. Call Ray @ 800-762-7717 to check availability. URPR
Used Rolling Vertical Plan Rack Used Safco Mobile Vertical Plan Rack. Sell new for $499.00. HOPPERS SPECIAL...$250 + freight if needed. Binder clamps sold separately. Used clamps available. See them at our Los Angeles and Rancho Cucamonga stores. Call 800-762-7717 for more information and to order this item.URVPR
Used Small Flat File w/Base A nice used 5 drawer metal flat file. Accommodates 24" x 46" drawings. Includes flush base. Great condition. HOPPERS PRICE USED....$395 + freight if needed. Call 800-762-7717 for more information and to check stock.U2436B
Used Vertical Plan File A used Plan Hold Master File 2 Vertical Plan Storage Cabinet. This plan cabinet can hold up to 1600 drawings when stored on pre-punched horizontal strips (sold separately). This file sells brand new for over $3300.00. HOPPERS PRICE USED...$995 + freight if needed. One in stock. Call soon to order or get freight quotes. 800-762-7717 and ask for Ray.UMF2
Used Wood Roll Plan Holder A custom made large roll plan holder. Made of oak with trim, would look great in an executive office. Opening will hold large set of plans. 4 and 9 opening cabinets available. HOPPER PRICE USED ONLY....$100 per cabinet + freight. Call 323-254-7362 for shipping details and more information. UWRPH

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